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Spreading the Hope of Recovery, #1LifeAtATime

Imparting knowledge to someone is like casting a pebble into a cool, placid lake. There is a ripple effect. There are reverberations that you might not anticipate from that first, immediate action. When you share knowledge with someone, it can change their whole life—and they, in turn, might be eager to share that knowledge with someone else, who will then share it with someone further. That is how knowledge tends to spread: From person to person, 1 life at a time. This is also the name of Castlewood Treatment Center’s new social outreach campaign launching this September. We are calling it #1LifeAtATime, and you will see us using that hashtag in the months to come.

Why #1LifeAtATime?

What is that main point, exactly? Simply this: We are on a mission to raise awareness and spread understanding about the nature of eating disorders, the efficacy of treatment and the power of recovery. We are on a mission to break down stigma and to push away all the myths and misinformation that surrounds eating disorders. Ultimately, we believe this is accomplished 1 life at a time—and that if we can change 1 life, it’ll start a ripple effect. Consider an illustration. You have given much thought to eating disorders, until the day your friend tells you that she has one and is going to an inpatient recovery program. You are shocked. You want to help, but you are blindsided by just how little you know about eating disorder recovery. Therefore, you begin to read and to research. You gain an understanding as stigma falls by the wayside. You have become knowledgeable—but the process is not likely to end there. You are likely also to become an ambassador for recovery. You share what you have learned with everyone you know. You speak up about the hope of recovery. You let your friends and family members know that, no matter how deep their struggle, treatment works and a rich, full, healthy life is attainable. That is how knowledge empowers, how stigma is defeated, and how understanding spreads-- #1LifeAtATime.

How You Can Get Involved Today

The question is how can you get involved with our campaign today? The short answer: Anything you do to spread knowledge and fight stigma is ultimately meaningful. Anything you do to champion the power of recovery can help with that ripple effect. Some specific steps you might take include:
  • Educate others with compassion by sharing facts and your experience when addressing tough topics concerning mental healthcare.
  • Help the world see you or a loved one beyond the eating disorder by sharing, who they are as a human being, not a statistic or label.
  • If you are in recovery and feel ready, share your story. Be honest about your struggle, and what keeps you hopeful in recovery.
  • Use social media to promote content that defies stigma and helps people to truly understand the indiscriminate nature of an eating disorder.
  • If a friend or loved one is struggling with an eating disorder, take a minute to put yourself in their position. How would you want someone to support you? Ask them how you can best support them.
  • Remind them that they are worthy of recovery, he or she is not alone, and that recovery is possible!
  • Be an ambassador of hope; fight back against the prevailing notion that eating disorders can be terminal.
Remember that you can make a difference-- #1LifeAtATime. In the months to come, you will see more information from us, tagged with this hashtag. We intend it to be hopeful and empowering. In the meantime, you can get involved today. All that is required is your willingness to speak up and share your understanding with others. Touch lives around you and watch as the ripple effect grows. Start spreading advocacy and understanding today. Use the #1LifeAtATime hashtag.

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