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One Choice. One Life.

Written by Sarah Kate Hutchison, Castlewood Alumnus                Do I want to live a life worth living, or do I want to live a life with my eating disorder — one that won’t last very long? This was a question I faced a little over a year ago… a question that I didn’t know the answer to at the time. I had struggled with my eating disorder for many years and had gone to treatment various times, and yet I kept relapsing with little hope and a diminishing desire to get better. I doubted that recovery was possible for me…

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Forever Grateful!

I was sad to have to leave early due to insurance, but I will be forever grateful for all that I have gained from the team at Monarch Cove. Thank you all!! ~AM, Monarch Cove PHP Alumnus

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I was allowed to have all of my emotions

I feel that coming to Monarch Cove helped save my life. And I discovered a lot of things about myself that I didn’t know. And I am very pleased with everything that happened here and the staff letting me be myself and understanding me and letting me have all of my emotions. The staff is amazing! Monarch Cove Alumnus, A.R.

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I Was a Mess

When I admitted to Monarch Cove I was a mess. I barely ate, I barely left my house, I barely spoke to anyone. Monarch Cove helped me put my life back together. These are good people who want to help and have the skills to follow through. I cannot recommend them highly enough. ~ A Monarch Cove PHP alumnus, 2/25/16

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You helped me push through my fear

Thank you all so much for the help you provided in my process of recovery. You helped me push through my fear, discomfort and shame to challenge the harmful things that I did and the equally harmful things I believed. Without the simultaneously caring and demanding environment at Monarch Cove I don’t know exactly where I would be right now, but I know it would be an exhausting, miserable and ultimately deadly place. I miss everyone, but I am also happy to be moving onwards and upwards as I continue to challenge my disorder in the “real” world. I am…

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‘Dance Through Seasons’ Workshop

Alumni Testimonial- A Life Changing Experience

Written by J.R.- Monarch Cove Alumna In February of 2013, I arrived at Monarch Cove hopeless, exhausted, and terrified. I had convinced myself that I was a lost cause and I was scared that I would never find recovery from my eating disorder or post-traumatic stress disorder. My eating disorder began when I was eight years old and I experienced numerous traumatic events during my teenage and early-adult years. I walked into Monarch Cove with four years of intensive treatment under my belt, but I was still continuing to struggle with maladaptive coping behaviors that were fueled by shame, self-hatred,…

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I Felt Supported By The Staff

The staff at every level were loving, kind and compassionate. I felt extremely safe and cared for during my inpatient treatment stay at Monarch Cove. I felt supported by the staff while working through my trauma and disordered eating issues. This experience was crucial in my recovery process.

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Key To My Recovery

The Staff are the heart, soul, and key to my recovery and experience at monarch cove. I’ll never be able to thank them enough. Jenn is  an outstanding, compassionate, and highly skilled clinician. MC is lucky to have her as well as Leah the dietitian, Dr. Miller and Kimberlee, who were all wonderful.

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The Things I Learned At Monarch Cove Were Invaluable

My stay at Monarch Cove was the hardest yet one of the best experiences of my life. I believe I would have died within a year had I not had the opportunity to stay there. It is probably the biggest gift of my life. I will never forget the feeling of family and care, and hope to achieve the same in my own life one day. Although I still struggle, the things I learned at Monarch Cove were invaluable and the care I felt was something I had never experienced. Mary Beth Weinstock, Kirstin Lyon, and the direct care staff…

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Monarch Cove Satisfaction Survey Results

At discharge all clients complete an anonymous survey about their experience with Monarch Cove. As of July we are happy to report the following statistics:

  • 100% said they would recommend Monarch Cove to others for eating disorder treatment.
  • 100% reported that their therapist established a compassionate trusting relationship and worked to help them develop skills and insights that aided in their recovery.
  • 85% reported that after their stay at Monarch Cove they have MANY useful coping skills and the remaining 15% reported that they have some useful coping skills after their stay at Monarch Cove.