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For information about our programs and facilities, click the brochure you would like to view for a downloadable and printable file. If you would like additional copies or any additional information about our services and programs, please email info@castlewoodtc.com

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Castlewood-Large-thumb Castlewood Treatment Centers offer comprehensive, individualized treatment to help people with all types of eating disorders transform to healthier lives through compassion, respect and empowerment. Each of Castlewood’s facilities provides a uniquely healing environment where clients can begin the journey to recovery.

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Castlewood-Brochure Castlewood Treatment Center helps people with eating disorders transform to living healthier lives. Established in 2000 as the first residential treatment facility in Missouri, our licensed health care team is nationally recognized and has decades of combined experience in providing compassionate and successful treatment for more than 1,000 men and women with eating disorders and related conditions.
MonarchCove-Brochure Eating disorder treatment at Monarch Cove incorporates a comprehensive and individualized approach in a secluded, peaceful environment. We do not merely address the symptoms, but also help our clients resolve the underlying causes, leading to a deeper and more lasting recovery.
Highlands-Brochure-July-16_Page_1 The Highlands offers a team of specialists, each with different skills, including therapists who have subspecialties in Anxiety, OCD, and PTSD, who listen to the client and work with each individual’s unique metabolic requirements.
MenED-Brochure- May 2015_Page_1 Castlewood and all of our affiliates treat males ages 16 and above who battle eating disorders of all varieties. Our facilities offers single bedrooms for men, and our male patients participate in groups and meals along with female residents.
Binge-Eating-Brochure-May 2015_Page_1 Monarch Cove provides fully individualized binge eating disorder treatment in a beautiful therapeutic setting. Binge eating disorder, often referred to by the acronym BED, is defined as when someone has uncontrollable bouts of eating.

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CW-Philosophy-page-001 Clinical Philosophy We believe that each client is a unique and individual person, and deserves to be treated in light of these specific and unique needs. No two clients are alike, and therefore no two care plans at Castlewood are identical.
Castlewood-NutritionPhilosophy (2)-page-001 Nutrition Philosophy Castlewood is committed to a nutritional philosophy founded in evidence-based treatment and cutting edge practice. We believe in helping our clients balance nourishment with pleasure.
Castlewood-Collegiate-OnePager-Print_Page_1 Program Overview & Admissions Process Castlewood offers multiple programs in various locations to help better serve our clients. Learn more about our admissions process and program options.
Castlewood-Collegiate-OnePager-Print_Page_1 Collegiate Track  Castlewood is in close collaboration with college/university treatment teams to promote transition and maintain recovery.
Castlewood-How-to-Intervene How to Intervene An eating disorder is a serious and potentially life threatening disease that can affect a person’s physical and mental health. Early intervention is essential for a successful recovery.
Castlewood-OnePager-PHP-IOP St. Louis PHP/IOP Programs Castlewood's St. Louis location offers comprehensive PHP, IOP and transitional living to help clients practice living a life in recovery and incorporate newly acquired skills into a balanced life.
Treatment Outcome Brochure TreatmentOutcomes-Brochure-Web-page-001   See our treatment outcome results from a 2013-2015 study   Resource Guides ForFriendsFamilyProfessionals-WEB-091613-thumb   Resource Guide for Friends, Family & The Professional ForThoseWhoSuffer-WEB-091613-thumb Resource Guide for Those Who Suffer with Eating Disorders  
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