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Seeking Treatment

At Monarch Cove, we understand how intimidating it is to seek help for your eating disorder, but we want to encourage you that pursuing treatment is an act of courage—one that takes more strength than remaining enslaved to your behavior. That’s why when you call us you can expect to be treated with compassion, understanding and care. We will answer any questions you have, treat you with respect from the beginning and do our best to make your act of bravery worth the effort. Contact us today about admissions. Use the form to the right to send us a message, or click here for more information regarding the financial aspects of treatment.

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Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Facility

Choosing a treatment facility is a major decision. To help you make the best selection for your personal needs, consider the following questions regarding a treatment facility:
  1. Do they employ qualified dietitians who work with each individual to determine a unique plan?
  2. Do they provide both individual and group therapy?
  3. Do they have an effective method for incorporating family therapy?
  4. Do they treat co-occurring disorders such as anxiety, OCD, depression and PTSD?
  5. Do they offer therapy methods that will help patients adjust to life outside of treatment?
  6. Does the setting provide a comfortable, peace-giving atmosphere that is conducive for healing?
  7. Do they employ experienced staff who are familiar with treating eating disorder behaviors?
  8. Does the facility only treat eating disorders, or are patients with other conditions being treated in the same environment?
  9. Do patients eat in a cafeteria, small group or other setting?
  10. Does the treatment facility protect the privacy of the patient?
  11. How does the facility handle prescribing medication and treating medical conditions that arise during treatment?
  12. What level of contact does the facility allow each client to have with the outside world?
  13. What are the living arrangements for each patient?
  14. Does the facility offer aftercare assistance?
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