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There is never any shortage of opportunities to get involved in spreading awareness for eating disorders, even a small gesture that impacts a single person can have a far bigger impact than you might imagine.

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What Our Alumni Say About Monarch Cove

"Monarch cove and the staff have become a family to me. Everyone was so caring and understanding. I will be sad to leave but I feel like my life has been given back to me. "

- Monarch Cove Alumni

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Monarch Cove Eating Disorder Treatment Center in Monterey, California

Monarch Cove Treatment Center, located on the beautiful Monterey Peninsula in California, provides highly individualized and compassionate treatment for eating disorders. Our professional clinicians believe that eating disorder treatment must keep the client and their unique history at the center of care, and that respect and compassion guide all parts of the recovery process.

Monarch Cove meets or exceeds all standards of care for eating disorder treatment centers. We go above and beyond the expected, because the client and their family deserves no less. Our continuum of care offers specialized treatment for anorexia, bulimia, binge eating disorder (BED), and the many other serious eating disorders that fall into the EDNOS category (eating disorders not otherwise specified).

Treatment for Eating Disorders at Monarch Cove

A multidisciplinary primary-team approach is taken at Monarch Cove. The primary team consists of a licensed therapist, licensed dietitian, and a psychiatrist. Monarch Cove utilizes evidenced-based eating disorder treatment, supported by real-life skills development and practice. By utilizing these new skills both within the safety of the treatment center, and also during experiential field trips, the client becomes comfortable and confident in their ability to succeed in their recovery journey. Monarch Cove’s unique treatment atmosphere fosters a trusting relationship between the client and their primary team. It takes time, attention, and consistency to develop the trusting relationship, and at Monarch Cove we believe this helps clients move more effectively into recovery.

Monarch Cove treatment center also provides integrated therapy for co-occurring issues that are often present along with anorexia, bulimia, and other eating disorders. Simultaneous treatment of anxiety, depression, and mental health issues means that the forward progress of the recovery is maintained. We also assist the client dealing with eating disorders who may also be struggling with substance abuse or processing addictions. At Monarch Cove we treat the whole person, not just the disease process.

Importance of a Therapeutic Atmosphere for Eating Disorder Treatment

Helping those who suffer from eating disorders transition into healthier lives is more than just the right treatment, provided at the right time, in the right intensity. A therapeutic atmosphere is also essential. Monarch Cove’s spectacular natural setting on the Pacific Coast provides the fresh air and serene outdoor spaces that are an important part of the healing process. Our treatment and residential facilities are upscale, but warm, comfortable, and homelike. Our Residential Treatment program is housed at a renovated bed and breakfast nestled into the heart of Pacific Grove. Our Partial Hospitalization and Intensive Outpatient Programs are held at our Ryan Ranch office location to help clients begin the life-launching process. Recovery from an eating disorder involves hard work. Nutrition and rest are key components to healthy recovery, and Monarch Cove Treatment Center is designed to maximize both.

Monarch Cove offers distinct levels of care. Each offers expert therapy by a team of licensed professionals with certification and expertise in the many sub-specialties that enhance client-specific eating disorder treatment. Each level of care provides the client with the right degree of structure and monitoring necessary for recovery. Monarch Cove’s levels of care include:

  • Residential Treatment
  • Partial Hospitalization Program 
  • Intensive Outpatient

Each level of care offers a spectrum of evidence-based treatment that addresses the eating disorder and any co-occurring disorders. Each primary team at Monarch Cove Treatment Center is supported by additional specialists with experience and certification to meet the client’s particular constellation of needs, such as trauma issues, or male eating disorders. Family treatment and an experiential Family Week is also integrated into each client’s individualized care plan. Family members do not need to live locally in order to take advantage of our superb family therapy.


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It was a pleasure to have guests, Jessie & Morgan McGrath, with us today from Seattle. What an amazing couple! Fun with hairnets lunch tradition with Director of Outreach, Kira Olson, and RD, Jaqueline Ernst-Smith. ...


It was a pleasure to have guests, Jessie & Morgan McGrath, with us today from Seattle. What an amazing couple! Fun with hairnets lunch tradition with Director of Outreach, Kira Olson, and RD, Jaqueline Ernst-Smith. ...